Koodiyattam By Margi Madhuchakyar

He Is one of the leading Koodiyatam artistes today. He has received intensive training from legendary and very eminent Gurus such as AmmannoorMadhavaChakyar, Moozhikulam KochukuttanChakyar. He has travelled widely performing at various prestigious venues in India and abroad such as Japan, Europe, Korea, Singapore, Israel etc.

He has also been involved in many experimental works such as cross cultural mask dance DRAGAN BOND RITE at New York & Washington Contemporary Theatre Production DESDIMONA at Adelaide, Munich, Singapore etc. Margi MadhuChakyar is a post graduate in Koodiyatam.

Morning Raga By Salil Bhatt

7Salil Bhatt is an Indian slide guitar player. He created the musical instrument SatvikVeena. He is the son of the fellow slide player and Grammy Award winner, Padmashree Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.His latest album, Slide to Freedom 2 – Make a Better World, was nominated for a Canadian Juno Award.

Kabirbhajan By Mooralalamarwada

9MooralaMarwadais a Sufi folk singer from the Janana village of the Kutch District, Gujarat, India.He sings the poetry of Kabir, Mirabai, Ravidas and others.Moorala sings in the Kaafi form of music that has evolved and been adopted by the Hindu singers of Shah Abdul LatifBhittai. He has also been featured in the Kabir Project.

Fusion Music By Niladri Kumar And Band

Niladri Kumar is an Indian classical and fusion musician.He was born to sitar player  Kartick Kumar, a disciple of Ravi Shankar.He started learning sitar under his father at the age of four.Kumar gave his first public performance at the age of six at Sri Auro bindo Ashram in Pondicherry.